Funny : Epic Spoof Of Rahul Gandhi By Comedian Sunil Pal Which Mill Make You Laugh Your Heart Out !


When it comes to comedy, there is no denying that the year 2016 belonged to the prince of Congress, Rahul Gandhi. From his ‘earthquake’ comment to ‘making corruption allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ to ‘having information against PM Modi’ to ‘PM is afraid of me’ comments, Rahul Gandhi was in the news all through the year.

There was not a single moment when he let the people get bored. He was always there to entertain people with his statements. It seems like he is a full time comedian and when he gets time out of it, he does politics. Throughout the year many jokes, mimics, spoofs have been made on RaGa but the best is always saved for the last.


Even famous comedian Sunil Pal could not stop himself from making a spoof on the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. Sunil Pal is famous for mimicking personalities and he nailed it yet again.

Watch how Sunil Pal makes fun of Rahul Gandhi and Congress. The best spoof of RaGa in recent time. Watch Sunil Pal grilling the prince of Congress with an extra notch of humor added to it.

Page 2 : VIDEO of Sunil Pal roasting Rahul Gandhi