OMG… BJP’s Pratap Simha Had This Much Amount In His Hand At The Time Of Demonetization !


As opposition and haters were targeting BJP over the demonetization move and was putting allegations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for secretly letting BJP Ministers exchange or deposit money, saving them from the Income Tax Department.

In an answer to haters, BJP party President Amit Shah asked all BJP leaders to submit their details of bank transactions and account details and also to sign a declaration of cash deposited/exchanged by Member of Parliament/ Legislative Assembly.

See how BJP leaders responded!


Pratap Simha, President of Yuva Morcha, Bharatiya Janata Party submitted his declaration of cash deposited/exchanged after 8th November, day when demonetization happened. Instead of submitting just 2 months account details, he submitted his one year account details to BJP party President Amit Shah.

This took everyone by surprise and what was even more surprising to see was the amount he had in his hand on the day of demonetization (8th Nov.).

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